tgpooley Plástica y Dibujo Técnico. Fotografía fase final

We are starting with our practice stage and we should try different possibilities with our cameras. So we are going to work in different topics each week.

From June the 8th onward we will focus in the final stage consisting of an online exhibition with your pictures. We will use our WordPress page to publish our chosen personal project

Each week you have to do, at least, a publishing for each topic. Posts or pages must have some introductory information about the topics and a brief explanation of your pictures. You must also publish, at least, 3 selected final pictures of your own for each topic. Also, you should publish the practice pictures you have done.

This is the weekly distribution:

Week of May 18 to May 22:

  • Blurry and frozen motion picture.
  • Portrait photography.

Week of May 25 to May 29:

  • Picture editing.
  • Experimental photography. Photomontage.

Week of June 1 to June 5:

  • Macro photography.
  • Landscape photography.

Week of June 8 to June 12:

  • Personal project. Online virtual exhibition.

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